A Quick Request

I’m still not back from my holiday due to an important family concern, so I’ll not be ready to resume my regular posting schedule until after next week. I’m a bit disappointed in myself, because I do strive to put out content every week, but sometimes life happens.

I do have one request for you all: if you like what you’ve read under the tags “Linux + C”, “Computer Science 101”, or “Patterns”, please leave some reviews on Amazon for my books. While the majority of the content of these books is available here for free, these books help me keep the website up and reach a population that has yet to discover my blog(s).

Thanks for the support, and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas

Don’t worry about the MA rating: this clip doesn’t really deserve it.


If the video won’t work properly for you, you can watch it here: http://southpark.cc.com/clips/151731/time-to-go-mr-hankey

Working on Material

Just a heads up:

  • I’m in the editing process for a pattern book right now.
  • I’m working on new material
  • It’s almost Christmas

So, posting will be sporadic until after the new year.

Falling off the Horse

The only right thing to do is to get back on. So, I’ll build up a buffer again and get back to work.


Next post Monday.

Foreigner says…

I’m hot blooded

Check it and see

I got a fever of 103

Well, not quite that high, but I’m in no condition to produce meaningful content at this point. Hopefully I’ll be able to double-post on Monday (assuming I beat this thing back).


Update: I didn’t beat it over the weekend.

Sod it – next post for Thursday


No Post Today

Again, got busy. Next post should be ready tomorrow.

No post today, but a bit of advice

This bears repeating:


Even when there’s no way for a function to fail, return an integer.


Because it allows the user to go on autopilot. If all of your functions return int (except for a few explicitly-named constructors – these can return the desired struct), the end user can just work your code into his error-handling framework without complaint.

When some return int, some return char *, some return uint8_t, and some return void, it makes the user think about how to deal with every function, adding complexity where it doesn’t need to be.

Complexity is the enemy. Keep it simple.

Delayed Post

Post some time during the day (I had a nap).

A Hundred Posts

I’m traveling today, so I’ll save the content for tomorrow.

Hooray! I’ve been blogging for 100 full posts (actually, this is 103).

That’s more than the average blogger ever puts out, because it takes a degree of focus to make this happen.

Ah. Basking in the glow of success.


Okay, back to work.

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