Brother Aurelius Moner – 5 Prayers

Again, I link to the work of Brother Aurelius Moner, who this time speaks of the “Five Most Perfect Prayers of the Church“.

Of course, he points to the Lord’s Prayer as the best, and then the Hail Mary (because he’s a Catholic). He then speaks on the Doxology (“Glory be to the Father and Son and Holy Ghost, as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, unto ages of ages, amen.”), the Apostles/Nicene Creeds, and finally the Psalms.

Now, I may not be a fan of the Hail Mary (which I believe has crossed from celebration of her status as the virgin mother of Christ into direct worship), but I appreciate his take on the subject at hand. It’s worth a read.

Prayer is an expression of the Spirit which is in us, which points us back to God our Father, who is Lord over all things. Pray, then, as often as you are able.

Now enter into the season of Lent with all due reflection and contemplation. Our Lord Jesus Christ lives forever, and in this season we meditate on his teaching and his death.

Brother Aurelius Moner on Advent

I am usually opposed to the more mystical Catholic practices and orders, which are not derived from Scripture but from the pagans of many eras. However, Brother “Aurelius Moner” (which I assume is not his given name) has written several posts for a particular blog, which I find to be good reading for everyone:

Why True Preparation for Christmas Involves Introspection and Sacrifice

A Reflection on the Antiphons During the Season of Advent

He’s a good Christian man, and seems both wise and full of the Spirit. Check out his other posts for further excellent material.

I’m rushing about celebrating Christmas and visiting family, so I may or may not be posting between now and New Year’s. Just a head’s up.

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