Preparing for New Year’s Resolutions, Part 7

If you are reading this on the day of its publication, then it’s New Year’s Eve. Traditionally, this is a night for celebration, drinking, and great remorse on the morrow.

New Year’s Day is usually full of easily-broken promises which will not survive into February. That has been the topic of this brief series.

Day [today]: Desire it, See it, Earn it

The patterns I have laid out in the past few posts have been preparation for a life-long journey of self-perfection. They’re packed full of basic techniques that often separate the successful from the unsuccessful:

  • Meditation – Building focus
  • Visualization – Building desire and clarity
  • Repetition – Developing strong habits

But above all these things, we need determination. The human will is the only force which we can develop that will drive us toward the successes we seek. This same will allows the young farm boy to become a skilled architect and the impoverished Austrian to become an American icon.

Yeah, let’s talk about the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Comedian Bill Burr pointed out that, by all rights, he should be parking cars in Austria. But because of his determination, he moved to the US, became a world-famous bodybuilder, starred in a host of films, became a governor, and married into the wealthy and powerful Kennedy family.

How could a young man, recently escaped from the socialist East, accomplish all these things?

Schwarzenegger threw himself into everything he did, 100%. He set a number of reps and weights he would perform, and then he went out and did them. He decided to learn to speak the English language, and he did it (amusingly, he put “reps” on every goal card he ever wrote).

He could see what he wanted to accomplish. He desired it more than anything. And, because he had a strong desire and a clear goal, he was able to fully apply his will to accomplish everything.

You have that same power within you, if you will only use it.

New Year’s is a great excuse to develop new habits and set strong goals, but it’s only an excuse. If you take the 30 minutes every day to visualize and focus, you will be able to do these things every day of every year.

You have a spark of greatness in you. Now go out there and start a fire.

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