Preparing for New Year’s Resolutions, Part 4

Generally speaking, you don’t want to think either too small or too large. If you go too large, you bite off more than you can chew and end up accomplishing nothing. If you go to small, you accomplish much less than you ultimately could have.

It might be a slight overreach, but I’m going to add one more aspect to my future self model.

Day 4: Last Additions to the Target

Another day, another 30 minute meditation. At this point, it’s probably worth noting that we’re well on our way to making meditation a habit, so good for us. I’m going to add “mindfulness and learning” to my model.

I see my future self, the strong and well-groomed man who has developed strong social skills, and I think about all the things he will probably know.

Because he’s a writer, he has studied topics such as SEO to create a more optimal blogging presence. This way, he is able to reach a larger audience with his blog, allowing his thoughts to hit the greatest possible number of readers without compromising his message or brief style. To acquire this knowledge, he has probably hit a number of well-optimized sites to observe what he can, and he has read a number of books and posts related to optimization. He takes notes on all the things he learns, and he takes time out of every day to consolidate and meditate on what he’s discovered.

Knowing that it is good to be knowledgable in a great number of things, he has resolved to read approximately one book per week. Of course, longer and more dense treatises will take longer, but he embraces that fact and strives to achieve total understanding. This way, he maximizes the amount of unique information he can glean, allowing him to make educated conversation with everyone. This helps in his goal to become a social powerhouse.

Studying other people’s teachings will never be sufficient if he does not understand himself. As Sun Tzu wrote, victory comes from understanding yourself and understanding others. Therefore, he makes a point of studying both the topics of the day (through dedicated and well-thought-out blogs and podcasts) and the philosophies that can help him reach his maximum potential. His meditations are often occupied as much by why he believes what he believes as what he has learned. In this way, he builds confidence and inner strength every day.

You might notice that these aspects are closely tied in to other aspects of my envisioned future self. This is quite deliberate.

A person is a tight system. When everything is in harmony, life makes sense, and everything seems to flow naturally. However, when one is merely a conglomeration of discrete ideas and personas, disharmony grows and grows, until the person is a useless nest of neuroses. I have no intention of reaching that point.

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