Preparing for New Year’s Resolutions, Part 2

We now have a better idea of who it is we want to become, but we don’t know how we get from here to there. Let’s start to change that.

Day 2: Seeing the first target clearly

Today, we’re going to do another half-hour meditation, but this time we’re going to focus solely on one aspect of this new person. For my purposes, I am going to focus on the physical condition (fitness and body-shape) of my future self.

Again, we get comfortable and clear our minds out. Odds are good that it will be easier to clear your mind and focus today than it was yesterday – meditation is a skill that is honed with practice. It’s good to attempt to become a little more relaxed and a little more clear every time, so that we continually improve the effectiveness of our meditation sessions.

Now that we’re calm again, we call up the image we created yesterday. We probably don’t have a perfect image after just one session, but today we’re going to hone just one aspect – the body.

First, I am going to envision how it feels to have the strong body that I want to create. I feel the smoothness of my joints as I move. I feel the blood flowing through my muscles, a pulse that reminds me how I can unleash immense strength at a moment’s notice. I feel the peace of mind that comes from knowing that I’m faster and stronger than most of the problems that life can throw at me.

As I come to understand the feeling, I start to see what that looks like in the mirror. My shoulders are broader. I see the skin of my arms stretched by the hardened muscles underneath. I see the broadness of my chest tapering down toward my abs, which are clearly outlined and well defined. Further, I see the taughtness of my thighs, larger than they were but clearly composed of taught cables of muscle. Then, I see my back, with every muscle group clearly defined under the skin.

Because this new me performs his workouts well, he stands perfectly straight with a well-aligned spine. He holds his head high, and he stands comfortably in what some might call a “power stance” – he has to, because that’s what his body demands after a workout.

Now that I can feel this new body and see it reflected, I look down and confirm that those same traits are visible from my first-person perspective. This allows me to track my approach to the target visually and tactilely.

Finally, I get inside the head of this comparative adonis. It is a focused mind, filled not so much with self-confidence as the knowledge of his absolute limits. He has a strong sense of discipline derived from forcing himself to work his muscles to failure several times a week at the local gym. He knows exactly how much weight he can lift with any set of muscles, and how many times he can do so. He knows how fast he can sprint, and over what distance. He has gone from “hopes” to “confidence” to “knowledge”, and as such he is as strong mentally as physically.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I can see this person quite clearly. It should be much easier for me to keep to the gym with this future ahead of me.

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